Premier Traditional & Military Drums

Military Snare Drums

Throughout the world of marching music, the musicianship and pageantry of the bands of Her Majesty’s Forces is recognised as second to none. Premier has for decades supplied the drums and percussion instruments to these and many bands around the world that follow the tradition and repertoire of British military music.

Over many years Premier has worked closely with the armed forces to develop products that meet specific requirements in sound, appearance and performance. Military percussion instruments must meet superior expectations on parade and deliver ultimate reliability in the field. No other manufacturer can claim this lineage and faithful partnership with traditional marching music.

The 0097 snare drum has an external snare only, the 0097s snare has both internal and external snares.


  • 4mm, 4-ply birch shell
  • Moulded nylon hoops in RWB as standard on all finishes
  • Available in traditional military livery as standard
  • Chrome fittings and finials
  • World renowned parallel action snare strainer
  • All military snare drums come with Red hoops with Blue and White lines

The 0097 range of drums.

Traditional Snare Drums

Developed to exacting standards, Premier’s traditional marching snare drums set the standard to which others aspire. For centuries the marching snare drum has been the call to arms of the celebrator of peace. All traditional marching snare drums feature a 5mm birch shell.


  • 5mm birch shells
  • Diamond Chrome fittings
  • Steel hoops
  • Redesigned throw-off

Premier Traditional Snare Drums

Traditional & Military Bass & Tenor Drums

A drum corps needs marching bass and tenor drums with rich, true tone with a musical blend that is full of character. Premier’s bass and tenor drums are unrivaled in quality of sound and build.

All traditional marching bass drums are made with 4mm laminated shells and beech support hoops.

Traditional marching tenor drums feature a 5.5mm unsupported birch shell that produces a wonderful clear tone, complementing perfectly the other voices in the drum corps.

Available in a choice of sizes, Premier marching bass and tenor drums are an integral part of any traditional drum corps.


  • Tenors: 5.5mm birch shell
    Bass: 4mm birch shell with 5mm beech support hoops
  • Diamond Chrome fittings
  • Black bass drum hoops
  • Carry hook included

Traditional Bass & Tenor Drums

Traditional Range Colour Options