acoustIQ Grand Slam Practice Pad

£18.99 Inc vat


The acoustIQ Grand Slam Practice Pad is a responsive 8-inch diameter playing surface designed and precision manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom from the highest quality Neoprene®. Just throw the Grand Slam Practice Pad onto a table, desk or counter-top surface, and the natural rebound and realistic drumhead-like feel will deliver unrivalled clarity and accuracy to all drum corps and solo practice sessions. The pad is flexible, highly durable, convenient to store and carry, and easy to keep clean. Suitable for use with all snare drum sticks and practice tenor drum mallets, percussionists from all genres can appreciate the remarkable sound and practicality that the Grand Slam Practice Pad brings to rehearsals. Develop and refine your technique, execution and dynamics to perfection on the pad, and produce Grand Slam results on the drum. The Grand Slam Practice Pad is custom-coloured in a selection of black, blue and purple finishes embossed with the acoustIQ brand logo livery. You can now use the Grand Slam Practice Pad on the go, it’s cross-compatible as a pad insert with the Jim Kilpatrick Pro Pad

Weight 0.2 kg

Black, Blue, Purple