Protection Racket Bass Drum Case


The best soft case protection for your marching bass drum.

This case is made from Racketex, a highly durable 600 dernier polyester shell that is 100% waterproof.

A thick layer of dual density foam adds a protective layer that will absorb any knocks.

Finally, the inside of the case is lined with Propile, a non abrasive synthetic fleece that will not scratch your precious drum,and in fact will clean and polish it whilst its in transit!! All webbing straps are ultra strong, with a 1500 kilo breaking strength, and zips used are waterproof and rotproof. In fact, these cases are pretty much indestructable!

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Protection Racket

Protection Racket drum cases
Weight 10 kg
Bass Case Size

26 x 14, 28 x 12, 28 x 14, 28 x 16, 28 x 18