R G Hardie Plastic Pipe Chanter

£120.00£480.00 Inc vat

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The R G Hardie plastic pipe chanter was designed by Alastair Dunn, Double Gold Medalist.

Discounts are available for band orders of 10 or more, contact us for more information.?R G Hardie?Pipe Chanter comes?complete with reed protector and protective tube.

Please note if a sole is chosen it will not fit inside the?protective tube?and therefore it will not be supplied.

The price is adjusted accordingly for that option.

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Chanter Sole

Celtic Hand Silver (+?360.00), Celtic Machine Silver (+?225.00), Celtic Nickel (+?60.00), Imitation Ivory (+?30.00), Plain Nickel (+?40.00), Plain Silver (+?180.00), Thistle Hand Silver (+?360.00), Thistle Machine Silver (+?225.00), Thistle Nickel (+?60.00), Victorian Hand Silver (+?360.00), Victorian Machine Silver (+?225.00), Victorian Nickel (+?60.00), Zoomorphic Hand Silver (+?360.00), Zoomorphic Machine Silver (+?225.00), Zoomorphic Nickel (+?60.00), No Sole