Sabian AAX BR 18″ Marching Band Cymbals

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Sabian AAX BR 18″ Marching Band Cymbals Bright

SABIAN 18″ AAX Designed for power, durability and quick decay. The Sabian AAX 18” Marching Band Br Cymbal features an innovative ”dynamic focus” design which delivers total response accuracy at every volume. These innovative marching band cymbals can be playing at any volume from very low to extremely high whilst maintaining the same timbre. With a large bell, these marching band cymbals help to increase the overall projection of the sound. With a brilliant finish, these AAX Marching Band cymbals produce a bright, simmering sound, alongside providing stunning aesthetics.

SOUND Bright
WEIGHT Medium – Heavy



Sabian Cymbals
Weight 3 kg